Make a Scottish Power of Attorney online in three easy steps

Why you need a Power of Attorney in Scotland

Did you know that without a Power of Attorney in Scotland your husband, wife, partner or children cannot pay your bills, go to the bank or speak to doctors or care staff on your behalf?

A Power of Attorney (or POA) is the only way you can give your family authority to act on your behalf.  That’s why you need a Power of Attorney.

We have seen first hand how difficult it can be for families without a Power of Attorney.  That is why we are passionate about making Power of Attorney available to everyone in Scotland.  

Make your Power of Attorney Today

If you are ready to make a Power of Attorney, go straight to our online questionnaire. This will take you through all of the steps needed to make your Power of Attorney today.

The questionnaire will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. The time will depend upon how many attorneys you appoint.

When you have completed the questionnaire, you can download and print your Power of Attorney straight away.

Download our Free Guide to Power of Attorney in Scotland

We have prepared a Free Guide to Power of Attorney in Scotland which you can download today.

So, if you would like to read more before starting then download your copy. This Free Guide contains more information about Power of Attorney, including choosing your attorneys and using a Power of Attorney.

It also has a helpful form you can complete in writing before making your Power of Attorney online.

Why a Power of Attorney is important...

David & Caroline

David and Caroline’s family life was devastated when David had a car accident. He was lucky to come out alive but suffered a serious head injury.

David had not made a Power of Attorney.  As a result Caroline could not make decisions about David’s care.  She only managed to pay the bills as they had a joint account.   Unfortunately, the savings account was in David’s name so Caroline could not access that for school trips.

The doctors and the bank told Caroline she would have to apply to the court to become David’s guardian. This took 11 months and cost the family £6,000.

If David had made a Power of Attorney she could have made decisions about David’s care and accessed the savings account straight away.

Although a Power of Attorney would not have prevented the accident, it would have made life a little easier for Caroline.


Like many people in Scotland, Jim was diagnosed with dementia three years ago. No one told Jim to make a Power of Attorney when he was diagnosed.

A year ago Jim became quite ill and went into hospital. He didn’t understand what the doctors were telling him and his wife Margaret asked the doctors if she could make decisions for Jim.  The doctors told Margaret she could not make decisions for Jim as she was not his attorney. Only the doctors could decide what treatment Jim was to receive because that is what the law says.

Margaret went to a lawyer to ask what she could do. The lawyer told her that because Jim was no longer capable of making decisions she would have to apply to court to become his guardian.

As she knew Jim would always need help Margaret went ahead with the application to the court to become Jim’s guardian.  This was very intrusive as Jim and the family had to be interviewed by doctors and social workers.  It also took a very long time. From meeting with the lawyer it took 13 months for Margaret to be appointed as his guardian.

If Jim had made a Power of Attorney as soon as he was diagnosed with dementia, Margaret could have made decisions for him straight away and both Jim and the family would have been saved the stress and intrusion of the court application.

Why make your Power of Attorney with us?

Our Experience

We have over 15 years experience of making Powers of Attorney in Scotland.  So you can be confident that your Power of Attorney will comply with Scottish law.

We are passionate that a Power of Attorney should be available to every one in Scotland.  We have therefore worked had to bring your Power of Attorney online.   

Our Charges

Our charges are completely transparent. You pay £90 . In addition to our fee, the doctor or solicitor signing your Certificate of Capacity may charge a fee. 

The Office of the Public Guardian also charge a fee to register your Power of Attorney. You may be eligible for an exemption from this fee and we will send you the form to claim an exemption. 

Our Location

We are based in Glasgow and we only make Powers of Attorney in Scotland.  Therefore, we know all about Scottish Powers of Attorney.

Most online services only apply to England & Wales.  That means most of these online Powers of Attorney do not meet the requirements of Scottish law. 

Our Convenience

You can make your Power of Attorney in the comfort of your own home. That is if you have internet access of course!  

As we are based in Scotland, we understand the geography of our country means that you may live a long way from a solicitor to make your Power of Attorney.  This is one of the reasons we set up POA Scotland.